Thinking of hiring a contractor for an L&D project? Think again

I get contacted all the time for contract roles to support L&D departments to create training. I often ask – would you consider hiring a company for this task? Most of the time I get a polite nod and the request will go straight into the too hard basket. Many organisations want an instructional designer in their office for a set period of time to offload additional work to.

This is not always a good business move. Now upfront I know some fantastic contractors and most of them will do a wonderful job, but the business model used but contracting is flawed from a business perspective. By paying a contractor a daily or hourly rate – you are essentially rewarding them for going slow – even if you supply a list of clear KPI’s you are also adding to a list of your own tasks by supervising and supporting them.

A large training company is also a significant outlay and one not available for smaller projects.

At learning designer, we only have L&D professionals working with our organisation. There are no sales, SME or management staff salaries built into your fee. Rather than taking on contracts by time, we will charge you a flat fee for a completed project. As we are a young company and starting up, our instructional designers also work in contract roles. This allows us to stay current and continue to develop our professional skills. We also provide a fast track course development product for when your organisation has a course they need to get out yesterday.

So, if you have an L&D project you need completed, rather than ring an agency or post a contract role onto seek, consider hiring a company, the infographic will show you how this can benefit your organisations learning goals. Have a look at our website to see past projects and what other past clients have said about our work.